Our goal is to raise $125,000 with this event this year and donations help provide sports and recreation programming to people with disabilities of all ages.

Last year YOU raised about $40,000 using First Giving alone! This year we'd love to double that...

In addition, each individual rider who raises $300 or more will receive a Long Trail cycling jersey.
*Please note, individuals must raise a minimum of $300 in order to receive a cycling jersey. If you are riding with teammates, each individual must raise their own $300; the total amount can not be divided up amongst the team. Thanks. 

If you're participating in the ride, set up your own First Giving page specific to this event. It's easy to create your own page, then you can reach out to friends, family and coworkers and ask them to support you during the ride. Use your email, post on Facebook, tweet your story - all for a great cause! There is a button in the top middle of the page - in green - that says FUNDRAISE. Click on that button to create your page.

If you can't participate, but would like to still donate, you may do so securely online at Vermont Adaptive's website.

Every Penny Counts!

Did You Know?

• Vermont Adaptive provides more than 3,000 outings a year to people with disabilities.
• The cost of one outing for the consumer can range from $35 for a two-hour canoeing session
  to $110 for a full day ski lesson, including instructors, ticket and adaptive equipment.
• All of the school and advocacy groups Vermont Adaptive works with are also subsidized and
  participants receive the same one on one experience as any individual who participates.
• The average true expense of a lesson or outing to the organization is more than
  $140.00 per individual per outing per activity.
• There is more than $50,000 worth of adaptive sports gear Vermont Adaptive wants to buy on its Wishlist.

For questions about the race, email the Ride Director.


JUNE 21, 2014


Long Trail Brewing Coompany